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Mountain Lake

Massage & Wellness Treatments

Our wellness barn offers a harmonious balance of healing techniques to help assist you along your wellness path, uniting your senses mind, body, spirit and soul

Integrated Massage

"Listening through touch" allows the therapist to connect with her intuition for a healing experience specific to each individual.

$115/90 min.

Hot Stone Massage

A sense of wellness begins while using these hot lava stones. Specialized placement and relaxing massage strokes melt away muscle tension and stress leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, calm and balanced.

$85/60 min.

Swedish Massage

Long, soothing strokes and gentle pressure that stimulates relaxation, improved circulation and a sense of well being.

$75/60 min.

Therapeutic Massage

An integration of massage techniques, concentrated strokes and pressure are applied to enhance healing and restore deep muscle tissue created by chronic tension patterns and tension from everyday stress leaving you feeling renewed, relaxed and peaceful.

$110/75 min.

Aromatherapy Massage

Deep relaxing or uplifting massage using essential oils to enhance your experience.

$100/60 min.

Zero Balancing 

A touch therapy that incorporates held stretches and specific points to the body that reorganizes the alignment between the flow of energy and the body. Zero balancing promotes a deep sense of balance and restores well being. Please wear loose comfortable clothes. Three treatments are recommended that are seven to ten days apart.

40 min./$65.

Chakra Balancing  

Chakras are centers of energetic consciousness. All of our emotions, both positive and negative, live within one of the five flower chakras. Chakra Balancing can help us release mental/emotional imbalances and unhappiness.

30 min./$40


A technique where the practitioner’s hands are placed near or lightly touching various areas around the head, shoulders, legs and feet.  Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ glows through us and is what causes us to be alive. Stress reduction and relaxation can be experienced. 

35-45 min./$55


This ancient art soothes away the stress, increases circulation, releases tension. This technique is based on the principle that reflex points in the feet, face, or ears correspond to every organ and system of the body. Reflexology will restore you and leave you feeling relaxed and or energized. 50 min./$60

Face and Ear Reflexology

Specific nerve related points in the face/ear directly affect the related part of the body systems  (via the brain) improving organ function and reducing pain. The face/ear, like the feet, contains some of the most effective points in the body that are stimulated during a treatment.

As with foot reflexology, facial/ear reflexology helps the body utilize its own healing potential and helps the body to seek balance  A face/ear Reflexology treatment is deeply relaxing, energizing.

Easing tension in the facial muscles restores tone and the benefits are uplifting.

55 min./ $65

Skincare Treatments

Therapeutic Body Wrap

A relaxation treatment that helps tone, cleans and hydrate while drawing out impurities and toxins. During the treatment a choice of therapeutic mud or seaweed will be applied to your body and you will be wrapped in layers of blankets for a half hour. While wrapped you will receive a scalp massage and have time for reflection. After showering a warm lotion will be applied.

50 min./$55

Body Scrubs

A highly effective treatment that removes dead skin and impurities which dull the skin. This treatment restores moisture, skin tone leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

30 min./ $40

Energy Balancing

Our wellness barn offers a harmonious balance of healing techniques to help assist you along your wellness path, uniting your senses mind, body, spirit and soul.

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