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Laurie Freeman-Jesseman, owner and Certified Health Coach of Jophiel’s Beauty & Wellness in Shaftsbury, is devoted to her clientele. Laurie sums up her practice when she says that, “Jophiel's is committed to nurturing your spirit and helping you find your beauty and zen.” She recognizes that one’s radiance of both health and beauty shine mutually when the two are in balance. Looking great means feeling great and vice versa! Laurie has worked in the salon industry for as long as she can remember but it’s her passion and persistence to understand health and wellness from the lens of a healing practitioner that keeps her focused. This healing path began in 1996 when she was introduced to Mindful Based Stress Reduction, this program had an impact on her life and she began taking classes in the direction of  complimentary therapy's  while working as a Cosmetologist and raising her three sons.

As a stylist, Laurie has been able to connect with a broad group of people, educating her clients and for whom some may not have previously known about the multitudinous healing options available. In addition to being a Health Coach, she is trained in foot, face and ear reflexology, massage therapy, zero balancing, angelic essence and certified yoga instructor . She listens to her clients and wants the best for them on all matters—mind, body, spirit and soul.

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